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Promotion Films | Eductaion | Brandilynn Aines, Hamton Roads Wedding Photographer

In honor of this week’s education post let us talk about: Promo Films and my 5 easy steps. I have personally had two promo films done since I started this business back in 2011. My first one was done by the awesome Megan Kelsey Photography. I learned so much from that one film. While it fit my business during that time, I did outgrow that particular film. Which leads me into the process of my latest promo film with Joshua Medlin. So here are my top five tips!!

1. Who are you and what’s your message?

At this point in the game you have a style, you have a voice, and you have direction. Now how do you translate that into a 2-5 minute promo film? Knowing who you are and what effortlessly is you, try to think of some concepts that will showcase the true you. I mean promo films are made to sell you but are you selling you? Find what you want to say and what you want the viewer to connect too? The point is to pick a message that the viewer will connect with, you want the viewer to feel something or feel moved after watching.


2.  Your budget doesn’t have to be huge.

If only money grew on trees. Sadly, it doesn’t so set a budget. Yes, this is the hard part and setting a budget sucks. Like really sucks, but expensive doesn’t mean quality but then again cheap is cheap. So set a realistic financial expectation and make a plan. Remember this is an investment for your business! Note the budget extends further than just the promo film itself. Think big picture here. Factor in location, assistant(s), model(s), accessories, hair and makeup, and wardrobe. Knowing how to allocate funds before hand and setting a budget before the big day comes will make the day of a piece-of-cake!


3. Finding the perfect location and all the other deets.

This is the other category that is most of the time is overlooked. This is behind the scenes type of stuff. As mentioned prior this is the “location, assistant(s), model(s), accessories, hair and makeup, and wardrobe”. Find locations whether it’s in your house, your favorite coffee shop, or outdoors find them prior and make sure the location can accommodate the day-of activities. Personally speaking the beach will always have my heart so when picking a location Virginia beach was a no brainer. Let’s talk assistants, a promo film sometimes can be a production and I’d recommend having an assistant on location paid or free it’s a great help. If you are unsure of doing your makeup or not sure how it will read on camera hire a makeup artist and/or hair stylists. If you need models set a model call and make sure to stage or book a couple that most represents your brand. Know what they are going to wear as well as you. Remember you are selling you and your brand!


4. Finding the right videographer. (It’s like PB&J)

Finding the perfect fit is key! I highly suggest finding a creative that meshes well with your brand. This really helps finding a like-minded individual because they have the ability to understand your concepts, style, message, and overall tone. A professional videographer can help assist you with time, flow, and overall esthetic. Enter JB Medlin of Medlin Films. I admire his work plus he’s a super chill guy. From creation to fruition, working with him was effortless and more importantly enjoyable. We clicked instantly and feeling relaxed gave way to a more true to self-type of feel. I encourage you to go check out his work! He rocks and plus we are friends and he makes some pretty sweet films.


5. The day of filming, the fun part.

This one is short and sweet. Remember your purpose and your vision. Have fun! Remember what you are conveying to your viewers. Allow yourself to be in the moment and allow others to be in that moment with you. Stay present and share you little heart until it can share no more. I suggest having a congratulatory beer afterwards because you deserve it! So dream big and get out there!!


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